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Harness the Collective Brilliance of a Mastermind Group

Written by Machen MacDonald

In the world of entrepreneurship, success often stems from the ability to connect with like-minded individuals, gain fresh perspectives, and hold oneself accountable for personal and professional growth. One powerful approach that business owners can leverage to achieve these objectives is by participating in a business mastermind group. This article explores the benefits of such a group, focusing on the transformative power of peer-to-peer accountability and its impact on driving business success.

Here’s how W.A.G.E.S. can optimize the profitability of any business.

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How to Bring Your “A” Game All the Time

Written by Machen MacDonald

In every area of life, we are on a journey. Health, relationships, career, and finances are just a few of the obvious ones. The question to answer is, are you aware of the game within the journey and are you bringing your “A” game on a consistent basis?

I invite you to imagine what would be possible if you found a way to bring the best, wisest, most resourceful version of yourself to every situation in life. How would your life be improved if you consistently made better decisions and choices? What would life look like if you acted on those choices?

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