Written by Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville

The adventure of life is quite a thing. For me, it means ever-questioning, ever-looking within to see if I am in alignment with my values, with me, and with my purpose. 

As a businesswoman, I try to stay clear on what that purpose is. Why am I here? What good have I come here to do? Does my business reflect that? Am I actively working to make a difference in the world? Like most of us, I can question. Some days we are in the zone and we know everything is as it should be. 

On other days we want to be doing so much more, to make a bigger difference, to be changing the wrongs of humanity within the next 24 hours. Who needs reality when we want to make a massive difference and before midnight no less? The “zone” can feel so far away at that point. 

Thankfully, the gift of dropping back down into reality can come quickly. We do our best, we make a difference where we can, and we continue on the journey, living the adventure each and every day. For me, my pure message, my purpose, is in reminding everyone I touch that we are embodied souls living another day in the adventure of life, called to growing and living life fully and passionately. I have seen that when we remember we have never walked a day alone, that from the moment of conception we have been guided, loved, and supported by Spirit, this is all a very different experience. 

Whether I am teaching How Your Personality Impacts Your Health, How Your Leadership Style Impacts Your Health and Success, or speaking on the topic Real Women Change the World: Letting the Good Girl Die so the Real Woman Can Live, or even coaching my clients, my point is always that when we are at peace with who we are, when we are owing our “I AM,” we are in the purity of the zone and we are where we are called to be. That, in my experience, creates another day in paradise. 

That one message. My one purpose, which can be expressed or approached from a variety of directions is always the same. When we choose to live at peace, with ourselves and others, we have it all. We have the ability to acknowledge past hurts, failures, or betrayals, but with the ability to let go of any electrical charge they could have on us. Did you fail at something? Welcome to humanity. What did learn from it? You haven’t excelled at something you want to be great at? Welcome to humanity. It can take time to conquer a skill. People have betrayed you? Primarily because they are human. They either didn’t know, or they didn’t develop empathy to the extent that would serve them in relationships. 

Forgiveness, understanding, and spiritual detachment can provide a world of difference from their opposites and what a difference it makes to your health, emotionally, spiritually, and physically. My one message of remembering that each of us, and all those we walk with, are called to live the “I AM” can easily bring that peace that surpasses all understanding.

The gift you give yourself in remembering that is your health and the joy of discovering and living your purpose. The gift you give those you touch is the permission to do the same. Imagine the impact and the influence you can have if you choose to while inviting others to enjoy another day in paradise.…

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