Fluidity And Fortune

Written by Dorothy A. Martin-Neville

About 8 months ago I decided to give myself a gift and take Mondays and Fridays to do the “backroom” things involved in having a business. I also thought that on occasion, I could grab lunch with a friend as well. Mostly, those days were when I could put on leggings and a sweatshirt and write content, plan videos, create or enhance programs, etc. Tuesday thru Thursday would be the days when I saw the few patients I see and work with my clients (although they have access whenever, but the basic form would be in place for intros etc.) It was all so perfectly logical and planned with precession. Then over the course of the months, reality hit.   

I was now in the office seeing people 3 days a week pretty much from 8:00am – 8:00 pm with 30 minutes to one hour for lunch – or emails, returned calls, or texts. Not what I had envisioned. This morning I woke up thinking, “I don’t like my life.” WOO that is so not me. The perpetual optimist, the one filled with laughter and joy at the drop of a hat... As I sat there on the edge of the bed, it took a minute to say, “OK time for a change.”

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It's Not the Medium in Which We Connect, It's How We Engage in It

Written by Betty Monroe

Last night I attended an event with some pretty amazing humans. I posed this statement to the group, and followed it with the question, "We are all human beings being human. What does this statement mean to YOU?"

Someone approached me afterward and said that it was a takeaway for him. We spoke briefly, and connected, and will be talking further, soon. I think it's actually simpler than we think.

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Just Say "NO"vember

Written by Machen MacDonald

Leaders with a Mentor Mindset know that November is a great time to take inventory of what to say "No" or "No more" to.

In today's world we experience more stimulation in one week than our ancestors did in an entire year just a couple generation ago. It's no wonder anxiety is on the rise.

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Written by Michael Goldberg

I love the concept of blocking. Blocking and tackling. Blocking time on the calendar. Chip off the old block. The new block. Not my first trip around the block. Jenny from the block. Chopping block. Blockchain. Off the chain!

I heard a fitness instructor use the term “blocking” today to describe improving a specific aspect of your fitness regimen, in this case, running. He said if you want to focus on endurance, then block out the next 3 months to focus on the endurance aspect of your running. Simply go easy or easier on other aspects of your fitness – strength training, stretching, diet, etc. Then in 3 months track your progress and either continue focusing on endurance for the next 3 months or focus on something else for 3 months. This way, you can track results and not deal with being overwhelmed.

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Written by Lara Kisielewska

The word “branding” means different things to different people. In fact, it is probably one of the most misunderstood pieces of jargon among small businesses that don’t employ their own marketing experts.

Many people assume that a brand means a logo, and a logo is definitely the most immediately visible part of a brand. But a brand is also composed of other visual aspects, like your fonts and colors, and maybe a set of icons. It is also your messaging, as conveyed in your marketing collateral such as your website and brochure, as well as in how you express yourself verbally via your elevator pitch. And most importantly, a brand is also the way your business makes people think and feel.

You expect to feel a certain way when you open the door to a Starbucks, and you expect to feel a completely different way when you enter a Dunkin’ Donuts for your morning cuppa joe. The experience of buying that coffee is a part of that chain’s brand that has nothing to do with its logo. Instead, it’s part of that company’s brand experience.

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3 Ways to Create Compelling Business Stories

Written by Cindy Ashton

Looking at this picture of me performing, the visual instantly tells you a story -- it gives you a first impression.

Imagine if you could tell a story that inspires people to follow you, rave about you and buy from you….

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10 Knock Out Business Practices to Practice!

Written by Michael Goldberg

Here are 10 simple strategies you can put into practice NOW to be more impactful with your business networking, improve your street cred, and make a “knock-out” impression!

24-Hour Rule

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Ghosts of Networking Past

Written by Michael Goldberg

As opposed to the rom-com Ghosts of Girlfriends Past. Cute movie!

There may be very good reasons to leave your past girlfriends (or boyfriends) in the past, but the same may not be true for many in our network.

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Embracing HOPE: Navigating Setbacks with Optimism and Positivity

Written by Machen MacDonald

Be HOPE in times of adversity.  As a CEO or small business owner, your role demands not only strategic thinking and decision-making but also an unwavering spirit of hope and positivity. While setbacks and uncertainties are inevitable, they need not define your journey. Instead, they can serve as stepping stones rather than stumbling blocks.

Let’s delve into the significance of maintaining hope and a positive outlook, even in the face of adversity. We'll explore the normalcy of setbacks and fears while uncovering the critical practices encapsulated in the acronym HOPE that will help you stay optimistic and look forward to brighter days.

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Engaging Remote Workers in Your Office Culture

Written by Jane Halford

Many organizations have begun bringing their teams back into the office at least part-time now that we have a better understanding of covid health risks. With the preference of many for a hybrid work model, the return to office can often leave remote workers feeling excluded. Half of American workers, remote or otherwise, consider themselves neither engaged nor disengaged, but 84% say they would be happier working remotely. Yet with remote workers more likely to become isolated, it’s important to put the time, energy, and resources into tipping the scales to keep them fully engaged. Remote work is an option for those who prefer a working model flexible to their lifestyle and is therefore unlikely to go away anytime soon. Reworking your organization’s culture to include remote workers is key to maintaining their engagement.

 So, what can be done to support your remote workers?

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The Essential Guide to Building a Great Website

Written by John Rod

Your website is the digital face of your business. It's where potential customers go to learn about your brand, products, and services. A great website should have an eye-catching design that engages visitors and easy-to-use navigation that guides them to what they need. Additionally, it should be optimized for search engines to ensure it ranks well in search results.

Here are the top five things a great website should have from a design standpoint and the top five things it needs from an SEO standpoint.

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Building Your Personal Brand

Written by Jane Halford

As a CEO, executive, or entrepreneur your personal brand is important to your success. A strong personal brand can help you stand out from the competition, establish credibility, and build relationships with others in your industry.

Define your brand

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Getting Back to the Future in the Workplace: What is "Normal"?

Written by Betty Monroe

I am certain many of you have either heard or even used the term “The New Normal” in reference to the current climate regarding work environments and our personal lives.

This begs the question, can we really define what is normal?

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Seven Seconds

Written by Betty Monroe

Did you know that it takes the average person seven seconds before forming a first impression of another?

After more than 2 1/2 years of working virtually and figuring out "Zoom rooms" and the like, I was surprised to find that so many people are still struggling with appearing as professional as they should when meeting virtually.

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Make Follow Up Your Superpower

Written by Michael Goldberg

Not following up is kryptonite to business networking! Just ask Superman. 

One of the best ways to never do business with anyone you meet is to never follow up with them. It’s all about the FU, as one of my clients likes to say. 

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Embracing Status Grow: Moving Beyond the Familiar Comfort Zone

Written by Machen MacDonald

In the tapestry of human existence, the term "status quo" often finds itself woven into conversations about life, progress, and ambition. However, beneath its surface lies a truth that many might overlook: the status quo is often nothing more than a familiar zone that some label as a comfort zone. We find ourselves entangled in routines and patterns that provide us with a sense of stability, but deep down, there's a whisper of something greater – a desire for growth, improvement, and a life that truly resonates with our aspirations. This is where the concept of "Status Grow" steps in, a notion that reflects what we genuinely yearn for but are often afraid to pursue. In this article, we delve into the contrast between the comfort of the status quo and the potential of Status Grow, encapsulating its essence through the GROW acronym – Growth, Release, Opportunity, and Willingness. 

G - Growth: Stepping Out of the Comfort Zone
The comfort zone, often synonymous with the status quo, is a cocoon we weave around ourselves. It shields us from uncertainties and challenges, providing an illusion of safety. However, within this cocoon, our wings of potential remain folded. Status Grow lies just beyond the edges of this familiar territory. To reach it, we must embrace growth, which requires us to stretch our boundaries and step outside the confines of the known.

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Adult ADHD and Boredom

Written by Juli Shulem

Yes, this is a thing. Most people imagine those with ADHD as always ‘busy’ and can’t imagine how boredom can set in – but it does – due to the lack of dopamine hits. While coaching a professional client around attaining structure, consistency, and balance in his life, something happened he didn’t expect. In less than three months’ time, he had real structure in his life and mastered his calendar, increased his deliverables/billables by nearly 400%, was planning effectively, and everything was organized in his life. The stress and anxiety that had permeated his days was at an all-time low. Then he stated – “I’m bored.” Something he never thought he would experience. I simply smiled. What a wonderful place to get to! And I responded back, “We can fix that.”

I have had countless clients express their concerns as to what will happen if they are finally organized and they are on top of their tasks and commitments for the first time. More than one client expressed their fear of finally being organized. One even stated, “What will I do all day long if everything is put away and my place is tidy and completely organized?” My response at the time was, “Live your life!”

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Comedy, Public Speaking, and Other Funny Business!

Written by Michael Goldberg

I love stand-up comedy! The greats can find the funny where there typically isn’t any funny – often taking difficult, sometimes even tragic situations and making us laugh about them.

My Mount Rushmore of comics includes Dave Attell, Joan Rivers, Robin Williams, Richard Jeni, Eddie Murphy, Steve Martin, Steven Wright, Norm Macdonald, Ellen DeGeneres, and Rodney Dangerfield. (Who are your favorites? Comment HERE!)

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The Gift Of One Thing At A Time

Written by Dorothy A. Martin-Neville

I’ve started doing one-hour conversations for women who want Elevated Leadership. Normally it is the second Tuesday of every month at 4:00 but in August it will be on Thursday the 10th because a family member is receiving her white medical coat as she prepares to begin her medical career. 

Amazingly, since I hate to cancel a commitment, my first thought was “I could bring my laptop and get away for an hour and then rejoin my family.” It took less than a split second to realize how insane a thought that was. Insane, yet how typical is it for you to go there? If I were to do so, I would not be fully present in the session, nor would I be fully present at the ceremony later thinking of what I had missed while also hoping that there had not been excessive noise in the background.

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Business Networking and What NOT to Do!

Written by Michael Goldberg

To do or not to do. That is the question! Well, not really.

In the online business networking world, I may have seen it all! And this goes beyond those in a Zoom meeting multi-tasking and not paying attention. I have seen people walking their dogs, eating a full meal at the dining room table with their family, nodding off – actually falling asleep, using inappropriate language, sharing a sexual innuendo, participating in other online meetings, being on the phone, and of course driving. In fact, one guy shared that he had ripped four bong hits before logging on.

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