Membership Benefits

Lock Out Your Profession
No more than TWO of the “exact same profession” can be Members in the same TNG Community if that location has less than 20 Members. Otherwise, up to 10% of Membership can be made up of the “exact same profession”.

Attend ALL Champagne Events and monthly Members Only Meetings
Fees for Champagne Events and monthly Members Only Meetings (in “home” TNG Community as appropriate) are included as part of annual Membership. Members can attend as many or as few of the meetings as they want throughout the year. 

Attendance Lists
The Attendance List for Champagne Events will be emailed after the event to TNG Members ONLY. Members must attend the meeting to receive the list. Attendance Lists include the names of all registered attendees, their professions and contact information.

NOTE: The Attendance List is NOT to be used for sending group emails, adding attendees to newsletters or blogs, or emailing “important information” as a group mailing.

At Members Only Meetings (MOM), Members will have the opportunity to deliver a self-introduction to inform fellow attendees about their businesses.

Speaker Spotlight
In the Members Only Meetings, Members may showcase their business, profession, expertise, and promote events as part of their Spotlight Speaker presentation. Members in their “home” Community may be scheduled at least once in their annual Membership cycle to deliver a 6-8-minute presentation. New Members will be added to the scheduled rotation as appropriate.

TNG Blog
TNG publishes a blog that posts approximately every Monday to the TNG Community and to social media. As a Member, you may contribute to THE Networking Blog and share content while promoting your business and relevant events.

TNG Online Communities
You have access to the TNG LinkedIn Group and Facebook Page to stay connected, communicate with fellow Members, post goals, hold one another accountable, promote events, and have fun!

TNG:  THE Experience
TNG: THE Experience is a dynamic seminar focused on various aspects of networking including how to develop your network, target marketing, how to work a room, referral generation, following up, relationship building, getting the most out of networking groups, social media, developing high-yield centers of influence, and much, much more!

Name Badges
We have special magnetic Name Badges (for our “live” events) created with your first and last name complete with our TNG logo. Imagine how cool you will look! Return Name Badge after every meeting for safe keeping.

Name / Logo / Company Name on Website
Your name, company name, description, and contact information will be featured on the Member’s Spotlight section of the TNG website.

To Apply for TNG Membership
Only those who have attended a Champagne Event (i.e., Past Attendees) can be considered for TNG Membership.

It is suggested that you register for a TNG Mom meeting as a VIP visitor before submitting an application.

If you are interested in applying for Membership, you must submit a Membership Application for review by the Membership Team.

If you have attended a TNG Champagne Event and you are interested in becoming a Member, the first step is to register for a TNG Members Only Meeting (MOM) as a VIP Visitor.

For more information, please contact us.

TNG Members support each other by providing favorable introductions, business referrals, and assistance relating to their business goals.

The mission of TNG is to create a Community of true Connectors – those focused on the “give”.

For networking to take, you have to give."